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Sustainability : - ISIN: FI4000391032
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Objectives and investment policy


The target of investment activities is to achieve long-term value increase on the invested assets through active asset management pursuant to the Act on Common Funds and the fund's regulations.

Investment policy

The investments are diversified in bonds and other interest-bearing securities that are euro-denominated and primarily issued by governments in the European Economic Area. Returns are sought by taking an active view of e.g. general interest rates, the yield spreads of issuer countries and different securities and the shape of yield curves. The modified duration, which describes the interest rate risk of investments, may be a maximum of 10. The returns, such as dividends and interest, will be reinvested. The fund's base currency is the euro.

It is generally expected that the fund's holdings may differ significantly from those of the benchmark, e.g. in relation to issuer, credit quality, countries and duration. The fund¿s performance may therefore differ from the benchmark. The fund suits investors who seek steady long-term value increase. The fund is well-suited as an alternative to direct bond investments. Investors must accept that the fund's value may also fall. Investors may subscribe for and redeem fund units on every banking day.

Recommendation: This fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money within 3 years.

Sustainability profile
Common to all funds labelled "ESG Inside" is that they work within the framework of Danske Invest’s sustainable investments policy and, for example, avoid investing in companies that base their earnings on coal, tar sands, controversial weapons or tobacco. 


Bond Fund I D
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Historical return is no reliable indicator of future return.

Risk indicator

Lower risk

Higher risk

Typically lower return

Typically higher return

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

The indicator illustrates the typical correlation between the risk and your potential return of the investment. The categorization is determined by the fluctuations in the fund's net asset value over the past five years and/or representative data.

Significant historical volatility equals high risk and low volatility equals lower risk. Please note that the fund’s categorization is not constant and the categorization may change over time. Historical performance data is not necessarily a reliable indicator of the future risk profile.

The risk indicator is purely a mathematical calculation and it does not take devaluations, political intervention and sudden fluctuations in interest rates and currencies into account. Risk class 1 is not a risk-free investment.


Christian Østerbye Vejen

Title: Chief Portfolio Manager
Background: M.Sc. (Math. & Econ.), M.A. (Econ.)
Years of experience: 25

Danske Bank Asset Management

Danske Bank Asset Management is an international asset manager and part of Danske Bank Wealth Management – a division of the Danske Bank Group.

Danske Bank Asset Management is Danske Invest’s main investment manager. Danske Bank Asset Management focuses its resources on selected core investment areas. These areas are Nordic equities, European equities, Eastern European equities, global equities, Nordic fixed income, European corporate bonds, global inflation-linked bonds, emerging markets debt as well as index based investments. Danske Bank Asset Management also manages hedge fund strategies within both equities and fixed income.

Asset allocation as of 31.08.2020

Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.
Bond Fund I D

Holdings as of 31.08.2020

Name of investment/security Weight Type Currency Country ISIN code
1,75 FRANCE O.A.T. 25/06-2017/2039 000000000000008.958.95% Bonds EUR France FR0013234333
2,15 SPAIN (GOVERNMENT) 31/10-2015/2025 000000000000005.465.46% Bonds EUR Spain ES00000127G9
2,45 BTPS 01/09-2017/2033 000000000000004.744.74% Bonds EUR Italy IT0005240350
1,25 SPANISH GOV'T 31/10-2020/2030 000000000000004.614.61% Bonds EUR Spain ES0000012G34
3,75 BUONI POLIENNALI DEL TES 1/9-2014/2024 000000000000004.544.54% Bonds EUR Italy IT0005001547
0,625 KFW 22/02-2017/2027 000000000000004.384.38% Bonds EUR Germany DE000A2DAR65
0 BREMEN FREIE HAN 30/01-2019/2034 000000000000003.303.30% Bonds EUR Germany DE000A2G8W40
5,00 ITALY BTPS 1/3-2011/2022 000000000000003.193.19% Bonds EUR Italy IT0004759673
0,375 SWEDISH COVERED 05/06-2019/2029 000000000000003.163.16% Bonds EUR Sweden XS2007244614
4,20 SPAIN (GOVERNMENT) 31/1-2005/2037 000000000000003.153.15% Bonds EUR Spain ES0000012932
Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.


The charges you pay are used to cover the costs of running the fund, including marketing costs and distribution. These charges reduce the potential growth of your investment.

Charges taken from the fund over a year

One-off charges taken before or after you invest

Other charges *)

*) Other charges are charges which entirely or partially are included in the ongoing charges and/or one-off charges.
Bond Fund I D

Facts about the fund & dividends

  • Dividend per unit

    Dividend per unit

    Dividend date Payment date Dividend type Amount
    15.04.2020 - Normal EUR 0.55431
  • Basic information

    Basic information

    ISIN code FI4000391032
    Listed on stock exchange No
    Sub-fund of Danske Invest
    Fund domicile Finland
    Dividends Yes
    Management company Danske Invest Fund Management Ltd
    Man. company domicile Finland
    Depositary Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ) Helsinki branch
    Minimum initial investment 100 000 EUR
    Currency EUR
    Price method Single Price
    Legal type UCITS
    Launch date 21.11.2019
    Marketing permission (Retail) Finland
  • Profile


    Profile Actively managed
    Type Fixed income
    Investment area Europe
    Benchmark Barclays Euro Aggregate/Treasury Index
    Recommended investment horizon 3 years
  • Today's figures

    Today's figures

    Total assets, mill. EUR as of 30.09.2020 168.30
    Net asset value (NAV) EUR as of 23.10.2020 18.66063
    Duration as of 30.09.2020 8.63
    Yield to maturity as of 30.09.2020 0.20
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