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Objectives and investment policy


The target of investment activities is to achieve long-term value increase on the invested assets through active asset management pursuant to the Act on Common Funds and the fund's regulations.

Investment policy

The assets are invested mainly in the units of Finnish and foreign mutual funds that invest in the international equity or fixed income markets. Assets may be invested directly in fixed income instruments, equities and derivatives. The returns, such as dividends and interest, will be reinvested. Fixed income investments may account for 0-50% of the assets, and equity-based investments for 50-100%. Furthermore, The Fund can within the limitations set out in the Fund Regulations invest 0-15% in alternative asset classes. On average, equity investments account for 75% of the assets, fixed income investments for 20% and alternative investments 5%. The fund is categorized under SFDR as article 8 and promotes environmental and social characteristics, as well as good governance practices, through screening, restrictions, investment analysis and decision-making as well as active ownership. The fund follows Danske Invest’s responsible investment policy. The fund's base currency is the euro.

The fund is suitable for investors who seek a better return than fixed income investment, tolerate value fluctuations or even decreases, and wish to diversify their assets efficiently among the equity and fixed income markets. Investors may subscribe for and redeem fund units on every banking day.

Recommendation: This fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money within 5 years.

ESG-funds (Article 8)
Funds that promote environmental (E) and/or social (S) factors and ensure good governance (G) practices are called ESG funds at Danske Invest. These funds promote E/S characteristics through screening, restrictions, investment analysis, and active ownership, but they do not have sustainable investments as their objective. The funds integrate ESG by systematically identifying and addressing sustainability factors during the investment process.

ESG funds comply with Article 8 of the EU regulation on sustainability‐related disclosures in the financial services sector.

The LuxFLAG ESG label
This fund complies with the requirements of LuxFLAG ESG, which is one of the oldest sustainability labels in Europe. Certification entails meeting extensive requirements with respect to the work done on sustainable investments. You can read more here.
All funds adhere to our responsible investment policy


Compass 75 Fund D
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Historical return is no reliable indicator of future return.

Risk indicator

Lower risk

Higher risk

Typically lower return

Typically higher return

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

The indicator illustrates the typical correlation between the risk and your potential return of the investment. The categorization is determined by the fluctuations in the fund's net asset value over the past five years and/or representative data.

Significant historical volatility equals high risk and low volatility equals lower risk. Please note that the fund’s categorization is not constant and the categorization may change over time. Historical performance data is not necessarily a reliable indicator of the future risk profile.

The risk indicator is purely a mathematical calculation and it does not take devaluations, political intervention and sudden fluctuations in interest rates and currencies into account. Risk class 1 is not a risk-free investment.

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Historical return is no reliable indicator of future return.
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Value of EUR 100

1 year runningEUR 115.77
3 years runningEUR 138.95
5 years runningEUR 147.27
7 years runningEUR 160.20
10 years runningEUR 232.66
Historical return is no reliable indicator of future return.
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Danske Bank Asset Management

Title: Solution Team
Background: N/A

Danske Bank Asset Management

Danske Bank Asset Management is an international asset manager and part of Danske Bank Wealth Management – a division of the Danske Bank Group.

Danske Bank Asset Management is Danske Invest’s main investment manager. Danske Bank Asset Management focuses its resources on selected core investment areas. These areas are Nordic equities, European equities, Eastern European equities, global equities, Nordic fixed income, European corporate bonds, global inflation-linked bonds, emerging markets debt as well as index based investments. Danske Bank Asset Management also manages hedge fund strategies within both equities and fixed income.

Asset allocation as of 29.10.2021

Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.
Compass 75 Fund D

Holdings as of 29.10.2021

Name of investment/security Weight Type Currency Country ISIN code
Danske Invest Select Global Equity Solution FIN, osuuslaji EUR W 000000000000018.7018.70% Equities EUR Denmark DK0060518397
Danske Invest Index Europe Restricted, osuuslaji EUR W 000000000000010.4510.45% Mutual funds EUR Denmark DK0060609006
Danske Invest Select Tactical Asset Allocation EURO, class EUR W 000000000000009.889.88% Mutual funds EUR Denmark DK0061287695
Danske Invest Eurooppa Osake W K 000000000000008.028.02% Mutual funds EUR Finland FI4000282298
db x-trackers MSCI Nordic Index ETF DR (DE) 000000000000007.807.80% Equities EUR Ireland IE00B9MRHC27
Danske Invest SICAV Global Emerging Markets Class WI-eur 000000000000007.517.51% Mutual funds EUR Denmark LU1678996684
Danske Invest SICAV Global Sustainable Future Class I 000000000000005.085.08% Mutual funds EUR Denmark LU0249703298
Danske Invest Suomi Osake IW K 000000000000003.913.91% Mutual funds EUR Finland FI4000390984
Danske Invest Euro Yrityslaina W K 000000000000003.603.60% Mutual funds EUR Finland FI4000282181
Danske Invest Euroopan Pienyhtiöt W K 000000000000003.463.46% Mutual funds EUR Finland FI4000282603
Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.


The charges you pay are used to cover the costs of running the fund, including marketing costs and distribution. These charges reduce the potential growth of your investment.

Charges taken from the fund over a year

One-off charges taken before or after you invest

Other charges *)

*) Other charges are charges which entirely or partially are included in the ongoing charges and/or one-off charges.
Compass 75 Fund D

Facts about the fund & dividends

  • Dividend per unit

    Dividend per unit

    Dividend date Payment date Dividend type Amount
    13.04.2021 - Normal EUR 0.03817
    15.04.2020 - Normal EUR 0.03765
    26.03.2019 - Normal EUR 0.03207
    05.04.2018 - Normal EUR 0.03691
    04.04.2017 - Normal EUR 0.03511
  • Basic information

    Basic information

    ISIN code FI0008805361
    Listed on stock exchange No
    Sub-fund of Danske Invest
    Fund domicile Finland
    Dividends Yes
    Management company Danske Invest Fund Management Ltd
    Man. company domicile Finland
    Depositary Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ) Helsinki branch
    Minimum initial investment 10 EUR
    Currency EUR
    Price method Single Price
    Legal type UCITS
    Launch date 03.12.2001
    Bloomberg ticker SAMK75T FH
    Marketing permission (Retail) Finland
    Marketing permission (Professional) Finland
  • Profile


    Profile Actively managed
    Type Fund of funds
    Investment area Global
    Benchmark The fund has no benchmark.
    Recommended investment horizon 5 years
  • Today's figures

    Today's figures

    Total assets, mill. EUR as of 03.12.2021 235.51
    Shareclass total assets, mill. EUR as of 03.12.2021 1.41
    Net asset value (NAV) EUR as of 03.12.2021 1.20668
  • Risk key figures as of 30.11.2021

    Risk key figures as of 30.11.2021

      1 year 3 years 5 years 7 years 10 years
    Avg. annual return (%) 15.77 11.59 8.05 6.96 8.81
    Sharpe Ratio 0.84 0.71 0.60 0.82
    Volatility 13.64 11.52 11.81 10.61
    Calculation is based on end-of-month data.
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