New key investor information documents for mutual funds

The new, clear key investor information documents facilitate the comparison of mutual funds. Find out more.

Key investor information documents will replace simplified prospectuses on 13 June, 2012.This will ensure that key information necessary for making investment decisions can be found easily.The key investor information document contains a summary of the simplified fund prospectus on two A4 pages.

The key investor information documents will be adopted throughout the European Union by the end of June.The change is based on EU legislation, and it is intended to harmonise the structure and appearance of the documents.The details regarding the fund are presented as clearly and comprehensibly as possible.The comparison of funds will also be made easier.

The key investor information documents contain the same basic information as the simplified fund prospectuses.One difference compared with the simplified fund prospectus is that the key investor information documents include a risk and reward profile, where the fund is placed on a seven-point scale.The TER has also been replaced with ongoing charges.

Some of the information that was provided in the simplified fund prospectus can be found in the Fund Prospectus, which will replace the general part of the fund prospectus on 13 June 2012.The Fund Prospectus contains the information that was previously provided in the simplified fund prospectus but is not included in the key investor information document.For example, information on taxation and additional information regarding fees and expenses will be provided on the Fund Prospectus.New information contained on the Fund Prospectus is the mutual fund merger history.

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