Fund redemptions in the turn of the year

If you would like to redeem fund units in such a way that the capital gains and losses from the redemption are considered to have arisen in 2013, the following must be taken into account.

The redemption of fund units will be executed in 2013 if orders are submitted to Danske Invest Fund Management in accordance with the fund’s regulations by 1.00 p.m. Finnish time on 31 December 2013, provided that the fund’s regulations allow orders to be submitted on that day and provided that the fund has sufficient assets to cover the redemptions. In this case, the Fund Management Company will notify the tax authorities that the capital gains or losses from the redemption arose in 2013.
However, if the fund does not have sufficient assets to execute the redemption, the redemption will be executed in line with the fund’s regulations at the fund unit value calculated for the day on which the assets from the sale of investments have been received. In this case any capital gains or losses will be notified as arising in 2014.
Danske Invest wishes you Happy New Year 2014!     


Noget gik galt.


Noget gik galt.


Noget gik galt.