Danske Invest

Emerging Markets Sustainable Future Fund G

Name of investment/security Weight Type Currency Country ISIN code
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactu 000000000000009.639.63% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0002330008
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. 000000000000006.426.42% Equities KRW South Korea KR7005930003
MediaTek Inc. 000000000000004.154.15% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0002454006
Grupo Financiero Banorte SAB d 000000000000003.293.29% Equities MXN Mexico MXP370711014
HDFC Bank Ltd. 000000000000003.173.17% Equities INR India INE040A01034
Contemporary Amperex Technolog 000000000000003.033.03% Equities CNY China CNE100003662
Hana Financial Group Inc. 000000000000003.023.02% Equities KRW South Korea KR7086790003
Bharti Airtel Ltd. 000000000000002.962.96% Equities INR India INE397D01024
NARI Technology Co. Ltd. 000000000000002.912.91% Equities CNY China CNE000001G38
Delta Electronics Inc. 000000000000002.122.12% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0002308004
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. 000000000000001.961.96% Equities INR India INE467B01029
TBC Bank Group Plc 000000000000001.941.94% Equities GBP Georgia GB00BYT18307
Telkom Indonesia Persero Tbk P 000000000000001.921.92% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000129000
Bank Rakyat Indonesia Persero 000000000000001.911.91% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000118201
Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakhst (GDR) 000000000000001.881.88% Equities USD United Kingdom US46627J3023
Nova Ljubljanska Banka dd (GDR) 000000000000001.881.88% Equities EUR United Kingdom US66980N2036
Tata Consumer Products Ltd. 000000000000001.861.86% Equities INR India INE192A01025
Rumo S.A. 000000000000001.831.83% Equities BRL Brazil BRRAILACNOR9
Sungrow Power Supply Co. Ltd. 000000000000001.631.63% Equities CNY China CNE1000018M7
Doosan Bobcat Inc. 000000000000001.611.61% Equities KRW South Korea KR7241560002
Banco del Bajio S.A. 000000000000001.571.57% Equities MXN Mexico MX41BB000000
Xinyi Solar Holdings Ltd. 000000000000001.551.55% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG9829N1025
Fibra Uno Administracion S.A. de (REIT) 000000000000001.531.53% Equities MXN Mexico MXCFFU000001
Absa Group Ltd. 000000000000001.531.53% Equities ZAR South Africa ZAE000255915
Cipla Ltd/India 000000000000001.511.51% Equities INR India INE059A01026
Advanced Info Service PCL (Foreign) 000000000000001.491.49% Equities THB Thailand TH0268010Z11
Bank Central Asia Tbk PT 000000000000001.461.46% Equities IDR Indonesia ID1000109507
Richter Gedeon Nyrt 000000000000001.431.43% Equities HUF Hungary HU0000123096
New Oriental Education & Techn (ADR) 000000000000001.391.39% Equities USD USA US6475812060
OTP Bank Nyrt 000000000000001.371.37% Equities HUF Hungary HU0000061726
Coway Co. Ltd. 000000000000001.351.35% Equities KRW South Korea KR7021240007
Bandhan Bank Ltd. 000000000000001.351.35% Equities INR India INE545U01014
Terna Energy S.A. 000000000000001.331.33% Equities EUR Greece GRS496003005
Foxconn Industrial Internet Co. 000000000000001.251.25% Equities CNY China CNE1000031P3
Li Auto Inc. A 000000000000001.241.24% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG5479M1050
Prologis Property Mexico S.A. de (REIT) 000000000000001.231.23% Equities MXN Mexico MXCFFI170008
Enel Chile S.A. 000000000000001.221.22% Equities CLP Chile CL0002266774
Xinyi Energy Holdings Ltd. 000000000000001.161.16% Equities HKD Hong Kong VGG9833A1049
Laureate Education Inc. 000000000000001.151.15% Equities USD USA US5186132032
Samsung SDI Co. Ltd. 000000000000001.151.15% Equities KRW South Korea KR7006400006
Ganfeng Lithium Group Co. Ltd. H 000000000000001.131.13% Equities HKD Hong Kong CNE1000031W9
Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi 000000000000001.041.04% Equities TRY Turkey TRAYKBNK91N6
Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. 000000000000001.021.02% Equities INR India INE089A01023
Banco Bradesco S.A. (Preference) 000000000000001.011.01% Equities BRL Brazil BRBBDCACNPR8
CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd. 000000000000001.011.01% Equities HKD Hong Kong HK1093012172
Asustek Computer Inc. 000000000000000.970.97% Equities TWD Taiwan TW0002357001
AIA Group Ltd. 000000000000000.920.92% Equities HKD Hong Kong HK0000069689
China Medical System Holdings 000000000000000.910.91% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG211081248
Hypera S.A. 000000000000000.870.87% Equities BRL Brazil BRHYPEACNOR0
B3 S.A. - Brasil Bolsa Balcao 000000000000000.780.78% Equities BRL Brazil BRB3SAACNOR6
Shenzhen Inovance Technology C 000000000000000.720.72% Equities CNY China CNE100000V46
China Education Group Holdings 000000000000000.690.69% Equities HKD Hong Kong KYG2163M1033
Cairo Investment & Real Estate 000000000000000.150.15% Equities EGP Egypt EGS65541C012
Enel Chile S.A. (ADR) 000000000000000.150.15% Equities USD USA US29278D1054
Cash etc. 000000000000002.222.22%
Last updated 27.03.2024
Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.