Danske Invest

Eastern Europe Convergence Fund G

Name of investment/security Weight Type Currency Country ISIN code
PKO Bank Polski S.A. 000000000000005.915.91% Equities PLN Poland PLPKO0000016
CEZ a.s. 000000000000005.875.87% Equities CZK Czech Republic CZ0005112300
Bank Pekao S.A. 000000000000004.914.91% Equities PLN Poland PLPEKAO00016
Polski Koncern Naftowy S.A. 000000000000004.224.22% Equities PLN Poland PLPKN0000018
OTP Bank 000000000000003.823.82% Equities HUF Hungary HU0000061726
Eregli Demir ve Celik Fabrik 000000000000003.473.47% Equities TRY Turkey TRAEREGL91G3
Powszechny Zaklad Ubezpieczen SA 000000000000003.443.44% Equities PLN Poland PLPZU0000011
Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. 000000000000003.363.36% Equities PLN Poland PLBZ00000044
Nova Ljubljanska Banka dd 000000000000003.333.33% Equities EUR United Kingdom US66980N2036
Koc Holding AS 000000000000003.233.23% Equities TRY Turkey TRAKCHOL91Q8
KGHM Polska Miedz S.A. 000000000000003.153.15% Equities PLN Poland PLKGHM000017
BIM Birlesik Magazalar AS 000000000000003.093.09% Equities TRY Turkey TREBIMM00018
Krka D.D. 000000000000002.902.90% Equities EUR Slovenia SI0031102120
Dino Polska S.A. 000000000000002.522.52% Equities PLN Poland PLDINPL00011
Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics 000000000000002.492.49% Equities EUR Greece GRS419003009
Chemical Works of Richter Gedeon Plc 000000000000002.482.48% Equities HUF Hungary HU0000123096
Komercni Banka 000000000000002.462.46% Equities CZK Czech Republic CZ0008019106
MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc A 000000000000002.442.44% Equities HUF Hungary HU0000153937
Grupa Lotos S.A. 000000000000002.402.40% Equities PLN Poland PLLOTOS00025
OMV Petrom 000000000000002.382.38% Equities RON Romania ROSNPPACNOR9
Banca Transilvania 000000000000002.372.37% Equities RON Romania ROTLVAACNOR1
Haci Omer Sabanci Holding AS 000000000000002.312.31% Equities TRY Turkey TRASAHOL91Q5
Wirtualna Polska Holding S.A. 000000000000002.092.09% Equities PLN Poland PLWRTPL00027
Mytilineos Holdings SA 000000000000002.042.04% Equities EUR Greece GRS393503008
MONETA Money Bank, a.s 000000000000001.971.97% Equities CZK Czech Republic CZ0008040318
Grupa Kety S.A. 000000000000001.911.91% Equities PLN Poland PLKETY000011
Tofas Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi AS 000000000000001.541.54% Equities TRY Turkey TRATOASO91H3
Asseco Poland S.A. 000000000000001.531.53% Equities PLN Poland PLSOFTB00016
Turkiye Garanti Bankasi A.S. 000000000000001.501.50% Equities TRY Turkey TRAGARAN91N1
LPP SA 000000000000001.421.42% Equities PLN Poland PLLPP0000011
Tupras-Turkiye Petrol Rafinerileri A.S. 000000000000001.321.32% Equities TRY Turkey TRATUPRS91E8
Orange Polska SA 000000000000001.311.31% Equities PLN Poland PLTLKPL00017
Kruk S.A. 000000000000001.271.27% Equities PLN Poland PLKRK0000010
Arcelik A.S. 000000000000001.111.11% Equities TRY Turkey TRAARCLK91H5
Budimex S.A. 000000000000001.071.07% Equities PLN Poland PLBUDMX00013
Yapi ve Kredi Bankasi A.S. 000000000000001.061.06% Equities TRY Turkey TRAYKBNK91N6
Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. 000000000000000.920.92% Equities PLN Poland PLCFRPT00013
Allegro.eu S.A. 000000000000000.890.89% Equities PLN Poland LU2237380790
Erste Group Bank AG (AT) (EUR) 000000000000000.820.82% Equities EUR Austria AT0000652011
Migros Ticaret A.S 000000000000000.800.80% Equities TRY Turkey TREMGTI00012
BRD-Groupe Societe Generale 000000000000000.680.68% Equities RON Romania ROBRDBACNOR2
Bank Millennium S.A. 000000000000000.480.48% Equities PLN Poland PLBIG0000016
Odessa Cable Works (Odeskabel) 000000000000000.000.00% Equities UAH Ukraine UA4000081582
Cash etc. 000000000000001.721.72%
Last updated 29.04.2022
Please note that all holdings are delayed with 1 month.