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Sustainability Equity Fund G

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Danske Invest Sustainability Equity Fund G

Today's figures

  • 0.82145NAV as of 14.01.2021
  • -0.02%Return 1 day
  • +6.06%Return 1 month (14.12.2020)
  • +4.43%Return (year-to-date)

Objectives and investment policy

The target of investment activities is to achieve long-term value increase on the invested assets through active asset management pursuant to the Act on Common Funds and the fund's regulations.

Investment policy
The assets are invested globally in publicly traded equities and equity-linked securities of companies that comply with sustainability principles. The fund does not invest in companies whose principal line of business is alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography or armaments. The returns on the fund's investments, such as dividends and interest, will be reinvested. The fund's base currency is the euro.

It is generally expected that the fund's holdings, and therefore its performance, may differ significantly from those of the benchmark. The fund is suitable for investors who wish to invest their assets in the equity markets in accordance with sustainability principles and for investors who seek high returns and asset value increases, while tolerating substantial value fluctuations or even decreases. The fund is suitable as part of a diversified investment portfolio. Investors may subscribe for and redeem fund units on every banking day.

Recommendation: This fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money within 5 years.


If you are unable to print or save all the enclosed documents when making the subscription order, please place your transaction by phone with the Danske Bank customer service, at the number (+358) 200 2000 Mon-Fri 8-18 (lnc/mnc), or by paying a visit to one of Danske Bank's offices.


The default for the chart is the return for the past 5 years as of end of month or, if the fund is less than 5 years old, since launch. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

5 largest holdings

Charles Schwab Corp. 5.44 %
Baxter International Inc. 5.11 %
Equifax Inc. 4.05 %
Cisco Systems Inc. 3.88 %
Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp. 3.79 %
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Risk indicator

The indicator illustrates the typical correlation between the risk and your potential return of the investment.

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Basic information

ISIN codeFI0008802921
Launch date01.11.1999
Ongoing charge 2018
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